Why are we after results

If we do what we have been doing we will get what we have got. It is necessary to do different the things for different results.
So Modi is trying different things. To get different results.

We may or may not get results. One has to try and he is doing that.

Selfie is one such attempt.

Please have patience

On Modi
Impatience of the public

First of all you don’t have alternatives, you will have to wait for four years more to change this man. Next at this moment we are not able to see better alternative.
Even the alternative the Delhi tried does not seem to work.
He is the man with integrity and a passion to do something for the nation.
He needs support of all of us as well as the opposition. Now opposition is working like Pakistan trying to stop growth.
Difficult period, hope this too will pass.
So in the given scenario and situation he is the best at the moment.

So constructive criticism is what we are suppose to make and he is willing to listen to that.


Awards and rewards

Today while having tea I decided to walk around in the garden it was wonderful just watching the birds chirp the green trees and lovely weather.

I was wondering why the trees, the nature never ask us for awards. They have their own reward and award system.

They simply keep on creating all the time, They never ask for any rewards or incentives.

We always worry about our basic needs. The fundamental error we always make is we want incentives to perform better, We need motivation to work and unfortunately we all think that unless there is something in it for me I do not want to get involved, If I am not involved I will not get the rewards, my basic needs will not be fulfilled.

Truth is, We need to work hard, innovate, create and work for a larger purpose and that’s when the rewards will flow automatically.

Rewards will come in many forms. Rewards will come through your association, from your creations, the award will come through people who have benefited from it. The rewards will come by the goodwill generated towards the welfare of the people and for a larger purpose. The rewards will come from the appreciation your garner.

So you just work hard, always compete against your own self and improve every time you repeat and try to optimize and innovate in whatever you do.

Truth is

What you see and reflect is the result of your subconscious thoughts.

Whatever you send out is what you will receive back.

Subconscious works hard to realize your dreams.

Subconscious does not know good and bad.

For subconscious your thoughts for others is true for your self too.  It does not differentiate between the Self and others.

Positive thoughts will yield positive results.

my first blog

I have been thinking of sharing my experiences, sharing various learning, sharing my interactions with people and let them use that knowledge in their day to day interactions. I would certainly would not like to reinvent things which are already known but to share some knowledge and use it positively

World has become extremely negative and would like to add some positivity.

I have thoughts about soul energy rebirth etc which I will share in my next blog.

Have good day

Love your life live every moment.

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